Optima Accelerators Are Proven Solutions to Accelerate Time-to-Value

After 11 years of implementations for hundreds of clients, you learn a few things. We’ve learned what integrations and connections are needed the most, and how to implement them right every time. Optima Accelerators™ are designed to increase automation, reduce manual touches and accelerate your time-to-value.

Here are some of the challenge's Optima's Accelerators solve:

  • Enhanced Header Recognition and Line Item Matching Possibilities in Conjunction with Intelligent Capture
  • Auto GR through Fiori Approval
  • Short Pay Automation through Invoice Reduction
  • Simulating Price and Quantity Issues Prior to Posting
  • Remit-to-Handling Including Payee Determination
  • Down Payment Processing
  • Tax Code Determination / Tax Variance Handling
  • Automated Additional Cost Handling
  • Flexible Goods Receipt Management
  • NPO Invoice Upload from Excel
  • Auto-Coding of Multiple Lines
  • Auto-forwarding of Non-compliant Emails in VIM Email Inbox
  • Auto-Attaching of Supporting Documentation
  • SAP HR Mini Master Integration to VIM COA

Download this overview to learn more about Optima Accelerators and how they increase your time-to-value.