Using xECM for Cameron's Complex Workflows

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Optima helped Cameron re-envision their MRB process to reduce delivery time from 4 months to 3 weeks 

A Manufacturer’s Record Book (MRB) is a library of complex documentation with as many as 5,000 documents from multiple suppliers. It is also requirement for Cameron to include in final invoices sent to a customer. Unfortunately, it could take up to four months to gather, assemble, and deliver this essential package, often delaying invoicing and customer payment.

To improve this process, Optima worked with several partners to envision and implement a new workflow using SAP Extended ECM to capture and manage the library of documentation throughout the life of a project. The new solution:

  • Reduced time to produce MRBs from four months to three weeks
  • Decommissioned a costly, inefficient, and disconnected legacy document archiving system
  • Enabled digital ingesting of all documentation leveraging advanced machine learning to reduce manual paperwork and document management 
  • Enabled access to all assets through both SAP and web interface
  • Enabled Automated Quality Assurance to resolve any issues before they impact timelines

Download this case study to learn more about this project and how Optima can help you build a digital content strategy to RISE with SAP.