VIM Self-Evaluation Form

Are you getting the value of VIM? 

OpenText has released multiple updates to their powerful VIM solution, expanding existing functionality and introducing new features and capabilities. They have also updated their licensing structure to expand VIM's utility beyond finance into additional departments. 
Unfortunately, IT departments can struggle to keep pace with aggressive upgrade schedules, and eventually have to ask:
  • Are we technologically up-to-date?
    • Is our system running efficiently or draining our processing resources?
    • Are we at risk for data loss or theft?
  • Are we functionally up-to-date?
    • Are we using our systems effectively to achieve our business goals?
    • Are we able to monitor KPIs to extract beneficial business insights?
    • Are we leveraging all the capabilities of our software?
    • Is our team able to utilize the system for the most ROI?

Ask the right questions

To help answer these questions, the invoice management experts at Optima ECM Consulting assembled the following VIM Self-Evaluation Survey. This survey is designed to look beyond daily tasks to evaluate system-wide business efficiency. Gather your team and get started with these insightful questions to reveal what you know and expose what you should know about your software environment.

Download the VIM Self-Assessment Survey now to get started and increase the ROI of your VIM environment.