Optima TotalCare™ Overview

Optima TotalCare is Scalable, Dependable Support for Your Unique Environment

Your ECM solution integrates complex technology from multiple solution providers. How do you keep it running at peak efficiency and address immediate issues?

Staffing a knowledgeable in-house support team with the diverse experience in your complete stack is expensive. Relying on out-of-the-box vendor support programs results in non-responsive, "pass the buck" ticket escalations while your business screeches to a halt.

Optima TotalCare is your solution.

Designed with customizable programs from “expert-on-demand” resources to fully managed cloud-based ECM services, Optima TotalCare ensures your ECM investment is delivering the power and functionality you need to achieve your business goals every day. You'll also get more responsive, tailored support at a fraction of the cost of in-house and vendor-offered options. 

Optima TotalCare also provides holistic diagnosis, planning, and implementation services focused on your unique business and industry best practices. 

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